Circle Of Dumb

October 21, 2008

I finally finished Circle Of Doom and thank goodness that monkey’s off my back. What? That’s right. It ended up totally sucking towards the end. The one thing they were getting right, which was the constant acquisition of marvelous loot and equipment ended 3/4th’s of the way through the game and turned the game into a constant grind and that’s it. I’ve outlined my problem with Blueside games before. They fail in critical areas in every game they make and the failure of Circle Of Doom was that it had the thinnest most ridiculously stupid story I’ve ever heard. I played as Kendal and it was my job to preserve the Age Of Light from turning into the Age of Darkness while stopping myself from being consumed with madness. In theory that sounds kind of cool , but with absolutely no cut scenes of any sort it’s really hard to care about that. So I didn’t. Blueside expects you to read the manual and get all pumped up about what your doing. Sorry Blueside, nobody reads the manual that’s what in game movies are for. So I could care less weither Kendal lived or died or what I was doing or why I was doing it, but the one thing I did care about which was constantly gathering sweet loot stopped along the way and I stopped caring all together, but I didn’t want to waste my money so for 26 bucks I got 18 hours of play out of one character. That’s an alright exchange, but I’m not going back to play the other 5 characters. That would be completely counter productive. So, as of Circle Of Doom I’ve had it with Blueside. Even though they announced Ninety Ninety Nine Nights 2 I’m done with them and I’m not going to play it because it’s just going to be another thin story with disheartening backtracking and grinding that I don’t care about just like Ninety Nine Nights 1. Here’s a pro tip in case you, for some reason want to play Circle of Doom. Don’t waste your healing items while grinding through the map. You can die anywhere and respawn and all the enemies you killed will still be dead and all the enemies you harmed will stay injured. This lowers your chances of synthesizing good weapons and armor, but synthesizing was a stupid part of the game and totally useless when the game was giving you awesome weapons and armor in the first 3/4th’s of it. Another pro tip is don’t waste allocating any points you get from leveling up on HP use the points on SP and Luck. You can’t fight without SP anyway, and the weapons and armor give you tons of HP add ons. So there you go. If you want to play Circle Of Doom for whatever reason there’s some pro tips for you. I’m never playing it again and moving on to the media darling Odin Sphere. I hope it can wash the bad taste of Circle Of Doom out of my mouth.


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