October 6, 2008

In Google Reader mobile on the you can’t see pictures included in posts so when I read the title of this post: The Weird And Whimsical Balloon Sculptures Of Jason Hackenwerth. I was thinking it was something like stone carvings made to look like balloons or kids holding balloons or something lame like that. That is totally not what this is about. Jason Hackenwerth is a balloon tying master who crafts the oddest shaped creations out of actual balloons. This isn’t even in the same universe as a circus clown dog. His pieces are totally insane! I can’t even imagine how many balloons it takes or how many he pops, but the end resut is beyond awesome. After looking at the pictures the shapes start to look like creatures and monsters. Some towards the end look like the slug things in the anime Nausicaa If you’re into twisted balloon shapes or complete awesomeness in general go check these balloon sculptures out!


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