Gurren Lagann

October 5, 2008

What is Gurren Lagann? Gurren Lagann is one of the best Giant Robot animes I’ve seen since G Gundam. It’s about aliens which are half animal and half human called Beastmen who invade the earth and drive the humans underground. The Beastmen pilot Giant Robots called Gunmen. One day two humans Kamina and Simon find a Gunman, take it to the surface, and the begin to take back the earth from the Beastmen. Throughout the series they find other humans who join them and steal Gunmen from defeated Beastmen which they use to help Kamina and Simon in their fight. What makes this Giant Robot series unique is the fact that it’s hilarious in the FLCL Gainax tradition, it has some seriously sick fight scenes with the Gunmen, and most importantly the characters who pilot the Giant Robots actually want to pilot the robots and have a good time doing it. One thing I hate about a lot of Giant Robot series is that the people who are fortunate enough to get to pilot the robots don’t want to. It becomes a burden to them, they don’t want the responsibility, and they brood about it, and blah blah blah. It really brings the series down. I stop watching a lot of them half way through because of it. Luckily Gurren Lagann doesn’t suffer from this malady and so it’s an awesome a fun series to watch all the way through. If you like Giant Robots, humor, or good anime in general check out Gurren Lagann. I saw it on the Sci Fi channel. They might replay it again and if they do then do yourself a favor and watch it.


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