Spread Out

October 4, 2008

I just finished watching Smackdown for this week. It was totally awesome. I nearly watched the full two hours this time. I know why it was so awesome. I knew it was going to be awesome when I first heard about the premiere show on My network TV. It was awesome because the best wrestlers weren’t spread out over three shows. They were all on one show so almost every match was a premium match. This is why TNA is so good. They don’t have three shows. They have one focused show every week with their best wrestlers and it totally rules. I wish the WWE would do this. I’m not saying just have RAW or whatever. I’m saying switch the wrestlers around between the shows. Have at least three premium matches each week with guys that don’t usually wrestle each other. That’s what WCW used to do with Nitro and Thunder. Some guys you’d see on one, but not the other. Some guys you’d see on both and then it would change the next week. It kept things fresh. The whole draft thing and people sticking to one shows makes it really boring. So, anyway, this week was awesome and I really appreciated it, but next week I expect more of the same and once again I’ll cut a two hour show down to 45 minutes on the DVR.


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