Kingdom Almost Awesome

September 30, 2008

The Kingdowm Under Fire series can’t get it quite right with me. I wanted to play Kingdom Under Fire because it looked good at I heard it was an action RPG. Then I played it at my friend’s house and found out it had Real Time Strategy elements I had to command people to do stuff. So that was fun for about two seconds and then I was done. I don’t like taking time out of my schedule of school fools on the battle field in order to tell other people what to do. Next there was Kingdom Under Fire 2. I dismissed this game out right for being a complete Real Time Strategy game. Next, Ninety Nine Nights. Now we’re talking! I don’t have to tell any one what to do. All I have to do is set up my forces. then let them automatically do their thing while I go in there and lay out a beating on everybody. This is totally fun for the first couple of stages then you realize that that’s all there is a couple of stages per character that you have to play over and over until you level up to max, find the good weapon, and take out the last boss. That got totally boring real fast, but at least it had a little story I could get behind. Finally comes Kingdom Under Fire: Circle Of Doom. Here we are! I’m all alone. I’m leveling up. There’s some awesome looking stages, bosses, the whole bit except for one thing. I don’t know who I am or what I’m doing or why I’m doing it. There’s some sort of nonsensical light and dark story that suggests things for quests when I sleep, but that’s about it. If this game were about a story I would have forgotten it twenty minutes after I started, but it’s not about a story it’s totally about loot. Lott, loot, loot! I kill all the monsters and they drop tons of loot that I get and maximize my character with then I get to the selling idol, sell my junk and buy even better loot to maximize my character. Then, after I fought the first boss last night it dropped a sick armor and I was like oh that’s cool. Then all of a sudden it started raining loot!!! There was a time limit on how much loot I could loot! The whole equipment loot scheme smacks of Diablo and Record Of The Lodoss War, but I don’t care because i like those game and I like this game. If it keeps on going this way I’m going to be pleasantly surprised. So far Blue Side’s made a good, fun game to play. If they had beefed up the story some more it would have been a great game. Hopefully, Kingdom Under Fire: Circle Of Doom 2 will be a great game.


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  1. […] game into a constant grind and that’s it. I’ve outlined my problem with Blueside games before. They fail in critical areas in every game they make and the failure of Circle Of Doom was that it […]

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