September 26, 2008

TNA was as great as ever last night, but they did something that was especially awesome last night. To preface this I will say I’ve never been a fan of women wrestling and in fact when I watch Smackdown I skip the WWE Diva talking parts and wrestling parts and save myself around 20-30 minutes of time. I used to, on the whole, dismiss the TNA women’s division called the Knockouts. I’ll admit that they have some interesting characters like Roxxi Leveau, ODB, and Awesome Kong, but still I wasn’t really all that interested in women’s wrestling until last night. Lat Night Roxxi Leveau came out dressed as Raisha Saeed. At the end of Kong’s match she revealed herself, surprised Kong, took her down, and started to turn her face into hamburger. Then to ice that cake she gave Kong a couple of chaiir shots. I’m officially a fan of Roxxi Leveau now. This is a bold move on TNA’s part. Instead of dressing their women up in Las Vegas outfits and making them jump around and do gymnastics for twenty minutes they’re letting them fight! Bravo TNA! The WWE seriously better start taking some notes here. On a side note I predicted a war between the vets and the new gen wrestlers on August 29th. In the same post I said it probably wouldn’t happen, but it is happening! Sweet. Now, where does Mick Foley fit into this puzzle. I don’t know yet, but I’ll find out next week.


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