Leaves Are Fallin’ All Around…

September 22, 2008

…time I was on my way. Every time I see the leaves falling I think of Ramble On. I also think of a certain awesome holiday coming up, but you can’t really get going on it until mankind’s greatest invention, Candy Corn has shown up on the store shelves and now that it has it’s time to start thinking about this year’s Halloween Movie Madness Marathon. What will it be this year? A put luck of 80’s classics like Creepshow, Night Of The Creeps, and Fright Night? A franchise run, Elm Street, Phantasm, Child’s Play? Maybe we could do a crazy grind house Full Moon Productions thing? Who knows. Then, it struck me! After years of not thinking globally and not acting locally the time had now come to do so. That’s right boils and ghouls it was time to see what the rest of the world had to offer in horror genre. After a lot of Candy Corn and exhaustive searchings on the internet I’ve come up with a truly epic rundown for this years Halloween Movie Madness Marathon.

Here we go:

1. From England: The Descent.

2. From Japan: One Missed Call (The original, not the American trash.)

3. From France: Frontiers

4. From America: The Possessed.

5. From Mexico: The Orphanage.

6. From Thailand: Shutter (Again, the original, not the American trash.)

7. Possible alternate/inclusion from Russia: Night & Day Watch.

So, there you go. I’ll let you know which is awesome or not after the Halloween Movie Madness Marathon is over.


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