A Turn For The Worse

September 21, 2008

Koslov has done a heel turn for sure. It looked like it was going that way and it has. I don’t like it, but at least I can look forward to an eventual face tun by Koslov in the future. Jeff Hardy and Triple H had the best matches on Smackdown again this week. What a surprise. I do like the idea of Carlito tagging with his brother Primo and becoming champs. I’m looking forward to that next week. Carlitos new pants are cool too. I hope they become part of his new in ring gear. So anyway, next week I’ll be looking forward to Carlito and Primo wrestling  Curt Hawkings and Zach Ryder for the tag belts. I doubt they’ll turn they belts over, but they might. I’ll also be looking forward to Koslov VS. The Great Khali. I can’t stand The Great Khali so I hope Koslov beats him. On another note. The new two disc DVD set for Mr. Perfect Curt Henning looks awesome. I’m going to Netflix them. If you’ve never seen Mr. Perfect before you should definitely check that set out. He was one of the best.


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