Bande Dessinee

September 20, 2008

I’ve talked about Bande Dessinee in the past before. If you missed it let me catch you up. Bande Dessinee means comic books in French. It’s really an umbrella term for European comics. You can see a ton of Bande Dessinee in Angouleme, France. The entire town of Angouleme turns into one giant comic book convention. I went there in 2000 and I loved it and it’s a goal of mine to return someday. It’s hard to get into Bande Dessinee if you only speak English, but now thanks to Comic Geek Speak, one of the most prolific comic book podcasts around they have a separate podcast just for Bande Dessinee called Exploring Bede and it’s awesome! They have three episodes up now. The first has a lot of background information on Bande Dessinee. The second is all about a comic called Dungeon, and the third is all about what they’re reading at the moment. I hope some more episodes come out really soon because I can’t get enough of Bande Desssinee. If you think you might be interested in European comics I suggest you check out Exploring Bede over at Comic Geek Speak and who knows you might get so into Bande Dessinee you’ll end up going to Angouleme yourself, and you know what, you won’t regret it!


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