…So It Goes…

September 14, 2008

It’s not enough that Guillermo Del Toro is so awesome that he’s making a two part Hobbit movie or third Hellboy movie. No, he’s raising the bar by making a Slaughter House 5 movie. Out of any movie he’s made or will make that’s the one I want to see the most. Hot on the heels of that epic news I hear that Ghostbusters 3 is firing up pretty hot these days, and, of course I’m sure we’re all excited for a new Ghostbusters. Lots of people have waited a long, long time for it. In comic book movie news Sam Raimi has signed up for two more Spidermanses. That’s whatever with me, but I hope it doesn’t conflict with the new horror reality show Raimi has in the works. That sounds like it’s going to be awesome. Speaking of horror Danny Boyle says there’s some whisperings for 28 Months Later and 28 Years Later. I say stop with the talking and get with the doing! 28 is awesome and two more 28’s stretching way into the future is even more awesome. Wait, can you be more awesome than awesome? That’s like being more human than human. Also, a new The Thing movie in the works. That’s kind of cool. It’s a prequel not a remake, so it seems like it’ll be interesting. Also in the interesting category is a new trend of Asian Westerns. I don’t know what’s going on, but I like it. There’s the Tarantino endorsed Sukiyaki Western Django and The Good, The Bad, and The Weird. That’s a sick double feature I plan on Netflixing pretty soon.


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