Why Koslov Why?

September 13, 2008

Vladimir Koslov had a brilliant showing in a handicap match against Funaki and Scotty Goldman. Then, of course, after breaking them down quickly he demanded better competition as usual. However, I did not like his actions after the fatal four way main event when he came out and beat on an already battered Jeff Hardy. I understand he wants better competition and beat down Hardy as a way of saying that Hardy is the challenge he’s looking for setting it up for a Koslov VS. Hardy match next week most likely, but this is not in Koslov’s character. It would have been much better had he just opened Smackdown next week with a vocal challenge to Hardy, which I’m sure Jeff would have happily accepted. I hope this is not the beginning of a heel turn for Koslov. I mean as far as I see Koslov now he’s a neutral character and I don’t want that to change.

The Fatal Four Way was a great match and I’m glad that Hardy won it setting him up ans the number one contender to take Triple H’s belt at No Mercy. It’s entirely possibly for Hard to become champion too. I can totally see that.

It was hilarious watching Triple H getting into the heads of the participants in the Fatal Four Way. They don’t call him The Cerebral Assassin for nothing!

In other news I think it awesome that when Smackdown moves to My Network TV in October that they will be playing Wrestlemania 25 on regular TV on October 2nd at 8 P.M. I’m definitely going to watch that.

Along those same lines I hear they might make WWE 24/7 On Demand a free Network channel and possibly take RAW off of USA if USA doesn’t want RAW anymore or if they don’t renew their contract. I can tell you that if this comes to pass it will be the sickest thing ever, period, in the history of mankind! It will also be very dangerous for me. I work at home and will have to exercise an untold amount of self control not to watch WWE24/7…well…24/7.


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