September 12, 2008

TNA did not make an impact on me at all last night. Beauty contests aren’t wrestling. I guess they’re just gearing up for No Surrender. The card for No Surrender, and my predictions are as follows:

Four Ways To Glory: I think Christian Cage will win this one. It’s in his hometown. Plus, his contract is about up and he’s awesome so TNA will want to give him a reason to stay. Although, even if he went back to WWE I don’t think he’d get as hard a push as he has in TNA.

Taylor Wilde VS. Angelina Love: Taylor Wilde will win this one as payback for the beatdown that ended the beauty pageant.

He Who Gets The Ring Gets So Cal Val: I’m going with Jay Lethal on this one. I don’t know though it could go either way.

Rock & Rave VS. The Brotherhood of Justice: Brotherhood because I think Rock & Rave are ridiculous characters.

X-Division: Consequences Creed. I think he’s cool and TNA seems to want to push him.

A.J. Styles VS. Frank Trigg: A.J. Styles because I don’t think they want a cage fighter beating a wrestler especially now that there’s heat over the use of the name War Machine with Rhino and the MMA fighter Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver. Also on another note there’s also a Marvel character called War Machine.

Awesome Kong VS. ODB: I don’t know about this one. ODB hasn’t had a good record with Kong, but it seems like they’re trying to break Kong’s domination over the knockouts division so it could go either way. I’m going to say ODB though. We’ll see.

Team 3D VS. Matt Morgan & Abyss: I’m going with Matt Morgan and Abyss on this one because Morgan’s an American Gladiator and I think they’ll kind of want to cross promote. I like Team 3D, even if they are heels. I’m also glad that Team 3D has signed with TNA until 2010. On a side note Matt Morgan is sending his DNA into space. Matt Morgan is known as The Blue Print. Go look him up on You Tube and you’ll see why. He’s seven feet tall and seriously cut. This is all really interesting to me because Matt Morgans DNA will be sequenced and digitized and stored on the Immortality Drive as part of Operation Immortality. Operation Immortality is Richard Garriot’s idea to store information about mankind’s greatest achievements and store it in the International Space Station. Are you saying to yourself Richard Garriott!?!? Yeah that’s right, Lord British himself, the creator of Ultima, Richard Garriott who lives in a dang castle, in Texas, with secret chambers and stuff. That Richard Garriott. It doesn’t say why Lord British is doing this Operation Immortality program in conjunction with his game Tabula Rasa. I can only assume he’s leaving the Immortality drive in space as a record of humanity in the event of some global disaster or aliens to find or something like that. Anyway, I guess it doesn’t matter why Lord British is doing it. It’s just cool that Matt Morgan is a part of it.

Anyway, those are my predictions. We’ll see on Monday how right or wrong I am.


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