Breaking The 4th Wall

September 8, 2008

Smackdown this week was dedicated to Killer Kowalski who passed away recently. Triple H came out first and I thought he was going to say a few words about Kowalski seeing as how Kowalski trained Triple H, but instead he did something much more interesting. Triple H started breaking the 4th wall and seemily braking the Kayfabe, but I’m sure the whole thing was scripted and so it was actually part of the Kayfabe. That’s about all I can say was interesting for Smackdown except that Triple H was awesome and Jeff Hardy was awesome as usual.  I was crestfallen to learn that Team 3D was leaving TNA and returning to the WWE as The Dudleys. I thought they had burned that bridge, but apparently not. However, the day after I learned that shocking news I found out they had supposedly resigned with TNA and TNA shot the signing as a a Promo for Impact. I don’t know which of the stories is true. So until I find out different I’m just going to assume they’re sticking with TNA which would be infinitely more awesome than a return to WWE. Also, I found out about an awesome wrestling web comic called Rival Angels. It looks pretty sick. I haven’t been reading it too long. It’s about a female wrestlers and the drawing is great.


One comment

  1. I thought that Triple H and Jeff Hardy were dynamite as usual and they owned at Unforgiven. I don’t think Triple H said anything about Kowalski because sadly, most viewers in attendance aren’t familiar with the man anymore.

    I think the whole Dudleys thing is a work. Basically, if they’re saying it with a mic in hand, it’s usually a work.

    Thanks for the plus man, I appreciate it!

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