The Speech 2

September 5, 2008

Again, I waited a whole week for another monumental speech by Sting and he did not disappoint. This time he both praised and condemned the fans for the their behavior towards the Legends before being interrupted by Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash. Then at the very end after Jeff Jarret’s music was played and Sting called out Jeff Jarrett! Will we be seeing Jarret next week for the first time in over a year? Who knows. I’ll have to tune in to find out and I’m excited to do so. That’s the thing about TNA, I’m always excited to watch it unlike Smackdown. I only really watch Smackdown to find out what Triple H is going to do. I would love to have Triple H jump ship to TNA, but that’ll never happen seeing as how he’s married to the bosses daughter. I’m trying to figure out why I like TNA so much more than WWE now. Is it the great mix of old and new wrestlers? The fact that referees sometimes get into brawls with the wrestlers? The insane athleticism of people like A.J. Styles and The Motor City Machine Guns? Is it the quirky characters like Curry Man, Super Eric, and Shark Boy? Is it the six sided ring? It’s all of those things I suppose. In the middle to late nineties, the Stone Cold era, WWE was like that to. Once you thought they pushed as far as they could go they went farther. They had to compete with WCW, but they don’t see TNA as the same kind of threat even though it is. WWE needs to get it together. They need to get out of the for kids box they built around themselves and go back to how RAW was in the late nineties. Even if they don’t think they have to compete with TNA by doing that it would still make all the WWE shows way more exciting than they are now. Until they do that I’m just going to keep DVRing Smackdown and turning the two hour show into a thrity minute highlight reel of the weeks events with one or two good matches thrown in. That’s totally boring, but that’s how it is with the WWE now. Totally boring.


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