Game Over

August 30, 2008

Well, I finally finished every thing there was to do in Dot Hack G.U. with the completion of the Forest Of Pain. It lasted roughly 130 hours. From Memorial Day to two days before Labor Day. The Forest Of Pain wasn’t that tough to begin with, but it was a beast at the end. I kind of didn’t want the whole thing to end because it’s such an awesome game. I was kind of thinking well, if I play this long enough maybe they’ll put out a third series, but then if that happened my head would spin around and I would have a heart attack from excitement and that wouldn’t be a good deal at all! After the Forest Of Pain I could pick someone to marry. As a personal rule I don’t usually go to weddings because marrying somebody is totally unimpressive. However, staying married to somebody 25 or more years is quite impressive. Anyway, since it was my wedding, in a videogame, and took about five minutes I attended that wedding and sure enough there was a third allusion to another series. I hoipe it comes to pass!!! Anyway, I’m finally ready to put Dot Hack away and start on Soul Calibur 4 hardcore. So let the souls burn on!


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