The Speech

August 29, 2008

I’ve been waiting for yesterdays speech for a whole week, and it was incredible! Sting finally revealed the reason he’d been helping the heels in TNA for months now. It turns out the young guys in the company were disrepecting the legends, the old timers, the people who, as Sting puts it, paved the way for their careers. He called out The Phenomenal A.J. Styles and gave him the business about disrespecting the legends, but Styles also had a good point when he said that he was with TNA from the start unlike Sting who jumped on board after TNA had taken off as a brand. At that point Sting dared Styles to beat him ’round the head with his baseball bat, only to turn around at the last second for a kick and a Reverse DDT. Then out of nowhere Jeff Jarret’s music plays? I can see why Jarret would have a say in all this seeing as how he created TNA. So it’s probably going to play out as Sting trying to save TNA VS. Jarrett who created TNA as Sting has claimed Jarret to be a cancer to TNA in the past. What I think would be a lot cooler is a sort of war with the legends of the industry VS. the new breed, but that probably won’t happen.


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