Nearly To The End

August 13, 2008

I’m nearly at the end of Dot Hack G.U. I’m sad to report. I’ve been playing the trilogy since Memorial Day and it has been one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had. A lot’s happened over the summer and whenever I remember those events like working on our game for Atomsplit I’ll also remember Dot Hack G.U. Dot Hack G.U. put you through the ringer as far as plot twists and turns, but last night was incredible when all my friends and enemies came to my aid and helped fight the monsters plaguing the network and systems. It was great to see everyone I met in the game fighting to secure their liberty to play the game. I know it’s not a real event, but it felt real and that’s the point. I’ll hate to see Dot Hack G.U. finish in a week or so from now, but there’s Soul Calibur 4 on the horizon and Tales of Vesperia after that. Man, Namco/Bandai makes some wonderful games and I hope they make another set of Dot Hack games really really soon!


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