Goonies 2

August 9, 2008

The Goonies 2 talk comes up over and over again from time to time. But Iv’ve seen the a lot of sites lately reporting it’s for real this time. I won’t believe it until I’m in the theater though. I’m kind of like The Movie God over at Geeks Of Doom, I don’t care if it’s the original cast going on a new adventure or if it’s their kid’s going on a new adventure. As long as it has the same spirit as the Goonies then I’m all for it. Speaking of spirit I always heard that Monster House was the spritual successor to The Goonies. It was OK, but if there was a real Goonies 2 coming out that would be way better. In a related note Bloody Disgusting has posted a teeny tiny little article about a Monster Squad remake. Monster Squad is one of my all time favorites. I must have watched it like five billion times and I’ll watch another five billion times. Here’s a trailer for the DVD to refresh your memories on it.


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