You’re Kid Can’t Paint This

July 31, 2008

A while ago I posted some thoughts about splatter art that kids and other people make a lot of money doing because critics rave about because it’s the only type of art they’re capable of. Well, here’s some super sick art that kids, sorry artists, and critics who have no concept of skill or craftsmanship could never do. First up to bat is a little splatter art for those who think it’s good art and have to have it. However this splatter art actually is good and has a tasty twist. Next on deck is this Atroboy made out of used train tickets. Then there are these other pieces made out of trash and other refuse. How crazy are those? Next, how about some awesome sand sculptures.  The lead off is insane, but here comes some of the sweetest 3D street art I’ve ever seen. Finally, last, but certainly not least, and my most favorite of all Richard Carpenter’s pine needle sculptures. Look at that bear. That’s made out of thousands upon thousands of pine needles. Think about how cool that is for for a while. All of these visual art forms are totally different but have two things in common, two things all art forms need, skill and craftsmanship. Without those two things all you end up with is splattery junk.


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