July 28, 2008

Google Reader and Twitter was lit up all weekend with news from San Diego Comi-Con. After all the posts were posted and all the talk was talked the things I found the most interesting for myself were Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert on a new Batman deal. That’s an awesome tag team. They worked together before on 1602 for Marvel. The next thing I found totally awesome was Tr2n. What’s that? I can’t read it either! It’s Tron 2! Sweet! Some more stuff I heard was another Friday The 13th. That’s a whatever for me. Then there’s the new Nightmare On Elm Street. This thing will only work if they get Robert Englund back. If they don’t get him to be Freddy then forget it it’s dead in the water. The last notable thing for this year is dun dun dun Evil Dead 4. Can it be true. I’m crossing everything I got! Sam Raimi says it’s ‘on the wheel” meaning it’s being discussed! There was a ton of other news and probably some other really cool stuff like these wacky Star Wars toys, but these were the things that most interested me.


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