Five Tables Total Chaos

July 27, 2008

I was really looking forward to the six man five tables match on TNA this past week. Of course it turned out to be total chaos. I guess I kind of expected that. I discovered something though. The Motor City Machineguns have really good ring skills and really good mic skills. They’re becoming one of my most favorite things about TNA now. I never really cared about Chris Sabin or Alex Shelley on their own but as The Motor City Machineguns they rock! Another thing I’m finding interesting is the allusions to Sting becoming a heel. I’m not really looking forward to seeing Sting as a heel, but like I said it’s just alluded to it so far. Heels mention Sting in their corner. The lights go out and Booker T is holding Sting’s black bat. Sting himself hitting Samoa Joe without explanation. What I think would be better than Sting becoming a heel is if he became a wildcard. Wildcard’s are rare, but they’re out there. Stone Cold was a Wildcard. He’d give friend and foe alike a Stone Cold Stunner if they got in his way. Wildcards are interesting characters and I think Sting would be a good one.


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