Hacking Around

July 26, 2008

On Thursday I finished Dot Hack G.U. 2. There’s some really heart breaking moments in that game, but of course, it’s Hack G.U.’s Empire Strikes Back. The darkest before the dawn. My combined hours so far for parts one and two are 76. That’s awesome and it’s not including side quests. After I play 5 hours into the third game it will exceed the combined total time of all four games in the first series. I’ve been playing Hack G.U. since Memorial Day! I’ve only run into one super hard boss that’s not too bad, and another good thing is I’ve yet to use a walkthrough. Hack is brilliant about letting you know what to do next. Yesterday was the first day I got to get into the third game. For some stupid reason I kind of figured all the cool things had been delivered and I was going to roll right into part three. I was wrong. They added some sick new combos and other things to make even more exciting than it already was. I’m not really even into the thrid part of the game yet and I’m already hoping Cyber Connect 2 will make a third series in the Hack universe!


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