The Spirit Of 1776

July 18, 2008

I posted earlier this month that I was in the process of watching John Adams and how great the graphics package was that opened each episode. Here is the graphics package I was talking about. Please give it a look. If you’re an American and that video dosen’t zing your spine and make you proud I wouldn’t know what to say about that. While I was watching John Adams I kept asking myself two questions. 1. How could 56 great men all exist at one time and in one place? Were they born great or did they rise to their greatness because of circumstance? 2. Am I living as an American the way our founding fathers intended and sacrificed for and could I look them in the face without shame if the oppotunity ever presented itself? For the first question I came to the conclusion that 56 men rose to greatness because circumstances demanded them to do so. It was actually more than 56 men when you count the citizen army of militias and their commanders. It was thousands of people rising up and putting their lives, livelihood, and reputations on the line in order to say no to the King. Everyone, not just Americans has the potential to be great, and because of circumstances everyone reached that potential. The answer to the second question is sadly, I must say, no on both counts. Even though it’s my dearest wish to some day speak with Thomas Jefferson either in this world or the next I don’t believe I could do it without feeling ashamed. However, this is something I could rememdy and I will try my best to do so.


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