June 24, 2008

I’m twittering for the Atomsplit now. If you want to find out where Atomsplit is at the moment you can go here. In other news I broke the Atomsplit blog because I asked Doug to intstall the Add This widget so I could Crosspost on my Myspace page and the Atomsplit Myspace page all the Atomsplit blogs and news. I already have it crossposting on my Facebook page. Anyway, once we workout the Share This deal it’ll be awesome because where ever your favorite place is to get news and stuff you can get it about us, and if you want to add me or Atomsplit as a friend on Myspace or Facebook please do so! I’m going to twitter about this blog about twittering. i wonder if you continued to twitter about blogs about twittering you would create some sort of twiteringbloggy black hole or something!?


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