Dot Hack G.U. 1 Super Awesome

June 22, 2008

So, I finished Dot Hack G.U. 1 Rebirth last night. I new it was coming. Whenever you are about to enter an area and it asks if you’re sure you want to go in there you know something big is coming up. The boss fights are totally different from the first series. That’s niether good nor bad it’s just different and something i had to get used to. The last boss I had to die twice to learn the patterns but I got it. There’s a level cap on the first game at level 50. I suppose Cyber Connect 2 didn’t want you carrying over your clear data to part 2 with an insanely leveled up Haseo and making part 2 and 3 too easy. Cyber Connect 2 did deliver on the one promise I was hoping they would and it was length. In the last series each game was about 20 hours so it gand totaled at around 80 hours. That’s pretty good. So I cleared yesterday at level 50 with a total log of 37 hours. They said they would double the length and roughly they did with three hours shy of 40. So it took me 20 days or so to finish playing two hours a night. If all 3 games double their time the the grand total of G.U. will be roughly 120 hours. Whatever the case time wise though, the grand total of awesome is double times infinity and I can’t wait to get started on part 2 tonight!


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