Ring Music

June 21, 2008

For the longest time I thought Ken Kennedy’s entance music was an Upper Crust song, but I couldn’t get a ruling from the interwebs until just recently. Finally, I found out that it was not in fact The Upper Crust, but a band called Airbourne. Anyway, I was holding off on getting The Upper Crust from Amazon because I wanted to find out if Ken Kennedy was using one of their songs and get that one two while I was buying music, but as it turns out it’s not them. If you’ve never heard of The Upper Crust they’re a band from Boston, they rock, and they’re hilarious. They dress in powdered wigs, trousers, and coats with tails. Their names are Count Bassie, Jackie Kickassis, Lord Bendover, and Duc D’istortion. They play Rocque & Roll and their song titles include High Falutin’ Let Them Eat Rock, and We’re Finished With Finishing School. The entire theme of the band is based around the 17th century and the best part is they sound a heck of a lot like Bon Scott style AC/DC. You can see them in action on You Tube to get the full rocquing effect. I only got nine songs from Amazon this time, but I’m definitely getting more in the future. While I was at Amazon I got Portishead 3rd and four Moby songs too. When I go back to get more Upper Crust I’ll probably check out Airbiourne too because they sound similar.


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