June 16, 2008

I got Renegade from Netflix because I figured a movie about Jean Giraud Moebius’s character Lieutenant Mike Blueberry was going to rock. It even had a who’s hooligans cast too including, but not limited to Juliette Lewis, Michael Madsen, and Ernest Borgnine. While putting this film in my que I envisioned something along the lines of Blueberry riding into town to stop some Indians massacring goldminer’s wives and then halfway through finding out a band of dastardly desperados headed by Michael Madsen was behind the whole massacring bit and subsequently culminating in some seriously awesome gunslinging with Blueberry taking out all the bad guys one by one ending in an epic battle with Michael Madsen. Instead of this I was treated to some sort of existential nonsense about what lies deep in the dark recesses of our souls fused with lush beautiful backdrops and tons of CGI involving snakes and other critters. If I wanted to see that I would have just watched Baraka while simutaniously reading Sartre. If you’re into cowboy movies with shootouts and awesome gun spinning you can forget Renegade. However, if you’re into cowboy movies with over 40 minutes of Indians tripping on peyote scenes, surreal special effects, and beautiful lush backgrounds and locations then Renegade is definitely the movie for you. Now, I need to go watch The Quick And The Dead to get the taste of Renegade out of my mouth.


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