June 14, 2008

Bad luck wind been blowing at my back…I like that cover that Johnny Cash did of the Danzig song. Anyway, yesterday was indeed Friday the 13th and surprisingly I got a lot accomplished Atomsplit wise. I was able to get almost all of line work for the next game stage done and I’ll be taking it home today and starting on the color. So, all in all, for me, it wasn’t a half bad day. However, for other beings in my neighborhood yesterday wasn’t that great. I have a ton of lizards running around my gardens eating the bugs that eat the flowers. Three days ago one of them got into my house somehow. I gave this little miscreant three days to vacate the premises through whatever hole he came in, but he decided he’d rather skitter about the house. So, yesterday I siced my dog on him. The results were brutal and definite. My dog gobbled him right up and shook him all around. My dog wanted to save him for good eating later on, but kept shaking him and accidentally shook him too hard and the lizard flew into the woods. Alas poor lizard I knew you not at all. Oh well, circle of life I suppose.


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