June 10, 2008

I was all set to play Dot Hack G.U. last night then all of a sudden it started storming like crazy so I had to unplug all my stuff. I do that when a storm comes. I had something hit by lightning once and I never want it to happen again. So, then I decided to watch Monday Night Raw, but the rain was so bad that it was blocking the satellite signal. Man! What a night. Anyway, this gives me a opportunity to talk about one of my most favorite game franchises Dot Hack. I played the first series of Dot Hacks two years ago and now I’m playing the second series. The gameplay is one hundred percent improvement too. Dot Hack is an action RPG, but in the original in order to do a super attack you had to go into the menu. Half the time i was going into the menu and it sort of ended up being a turn based RPG. I hate turn based RPGs. The second series fixes all that by putting the super attacks on the shoulder button. You just hit the shoulder button, choose a super attack and there you go. Another thing about the second series is that it seems the main character from the first game is now the enemy in the second game. I spent a long time playing as that character and now I’m hunting him down. It’s like a new me is trying to kill an old me. It’s such a head spinner! All the other elements that make Dot Hack cool are back too like the e-mail system where you send fake e-mails to your fake friends in the game and the fake forums, but this time you can post in the forums. Dot Hack takes place inside a fake MMORPG, but it feels so real! Another great thing about Dot Hack is that it crosses multiple platforms. There’s comic books, cartoons, and games all set in the universe. The games are the main thing and you don’t have to read the comics or watch the cartoons to know what’s going on, but they give you a lot of hefty backstory which is awesome. I love when things cross multiple platforms and create an expansive universe. Wait a minute…Atomsplit is doing that! We have cartoons, comics, music, and a game too! If you’ve never tried Dot Hack before I urge you to give it a shot it’s super FUN and you can get the old series for like 20 bones a piece and by the time you play all of them the new series will be that much. You could Dot Hack it up for a really long time.


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