Crawling King Snake

June 9, 2008

I used to listen to The Doors a whole lot years ago then I gradually stopped and haven’t listened to them for a long time, but because of some TV shows and podcasts concerning The Doors have come to my attention lately I pulled out all my old Doors MP3s and put them on my MP3 player. Every time I think of The Doors I sort of think of The Velvet Underground. They have nothing to do with each other at all except for the fact that both bands were featured on The Doors movie soundtrack. I already had The Velvet Underground on my MP3 player, but then that relationship got me to thinking about how Jim Morrison was buddies with Van Morrison so I put some Van Morrison MP3s on there. While looking at the disc that had the Van Morrison on it I saw some Sigur Ros and Spiritualized MP3s I had and put them on there too! So it kind of ended up being a project all because I wanted to get back into listening to The Doors again. What a tangled web of serendipitous kismet The Crawling King Snake and the boys has brought me. I don’t like Spiritualized as much as I thought though. I think I’ll take them off.


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