Bandes Dessinées

June 8, 2008

Bandes Dessinées is comic books in French. In Spanish, Libros Comicos. In Japanese, Manga. In American, Comic Books. Whatever language you talk in there’s a different way to say comic books, but comic books in any language always spells fun and there’s some fun comics I’ve been meaning to check out. There’s the new Question where The Question is a girl by Greg Rucka. There’s this Sinestro Corps. That looks really cool. Green Lantern was always one of my most favorite characters. There’s a Beta Ray Bill I didn’t even know about! Then there’s the new Ambush Bug coming out. I love Ambush Bug. Every so often he’ll jump into the the DC Universe and rip it a new one making fun of everything. If you’ve never heard of Ambush Bug check it out. Keith Giffen made up Ambush Bug in the 80’s as a Superman riff. He’s made some other hilarious funny books too like The Heckler who’s only superpower is to antagonize the villain until the villain gives up and Trencher who goes off and takes down supervillains guided by a voice in his head. Keith Giffen also made up the reknowend character Lobo. He was also a part of one of the most hilariously, fun, comic books I ever read which was Justice League Of Europe. JLE poked fun at the seriousness of The Justice League Of America. I have almost every issue of the JLE except for a couple towards the end. If you don’t have any JLE I suggest you head down to your local comic book shop and get them cause they’re probably in the 25 cent box. Just don’t get the ones I need to get, or better yet, get them and send them to me!


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