The Fall

June 3, 2008

I was looking at the movie reviews section of the Saturday newspaper and Sex In The City got like 3/4ths of the page wile The Fall got a little sliver over to the side. Typical. The same old Sex In The City chstnut is the main focus of the page while something phenomenal looking and completely new like The Fall gets a little mention on the side. The claim The Fall has a paper thing plot. Well, I’m sure Sex In The City’s plot is as thick as a brick, but either way who cares about the plot? In this case I’d watch the fall just to watch the visuals like Baraka. You don’t watch Baraka for the plot there isn’t one you watch it for the visuals. The Fall is from Tarsem Singh the same guy that made The Cell. If you remember that head spinner you know the The Fall is going to be pretty good. There’s some other movies coming out that I want to see too like the new M. Night Shyamalan twister The Happening and Sin Jin Smyth.


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