Critic Critique Part Un

May 26, 2008

So I’ve been gone for a while because we were having our floors redone. So there’s been no internet and no TV. However, I’ve managed to survive somehow. During this time I was able to keep on working on the Atomsplit Cartoon and other stuff as well as finish Dawn Of Mana. After having played the whole game I still can’t understand all the negative reviews. EGM said it had no story. I’m sorry, but that’s crap. It hand a very deep story and obviously they didn’t play it long enough to get into it. That’s their fault. Some people were put off by the fact that it’s not an RPG. Oh No! you don’t level up! Dawn of Mana never claimed to be an RPG all it claimed to be was an all new Mana game which is 100% true. No one should ever give a game a bad review because it wasn’t the game they thought it was going to be. So I finished it and I loved it. It had all the elements a great game should have. An engaging story, well crafted game play , and above all fun! At the end it said See You Next Game and the animation at the end after the credits alluded to something already going down. But will I see it next game? Will there be a next game? Who knows with every game reviewer in America bashing it left and right earning it a 57% on Game Rankings. I don’t know if they’ll bring another Mana game to the states again. It didn’t stop Tales though. Legendia got bashed pretty hard, but that didn’t stop Abyss or World from coming out in America. I hope Square Enix forgets about the stupid reviews and pushes forward with the World Of Mana they have going. Tomorrow: Critic Critique Part Deux, Heavenly Sword.


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