May 19, 2008

I couldn’t get an appointment with my dentist until Wednesday. It’s a good thing my tooth doesn’t hurt! Anyway, the other night I was checking out Myspace on my PSP and one of my friend’s asked me if I was going to be in town on such and such a day and I said sure I was going to be in town and we can hang out and that was that and then I hit send. Then I thought afterwards that those words just flew past my face to the the wireless receiver then got picked up such and such a place and then flew up the coast to my friend’s Myspace Inbox. Then I thought I’m broadcasting just like TV and radio, but instead of it being a TV station or radio station it’s me broadcasting, sending energy through the sky like a magician. It kind of made me wonder and then a couple days later my buddy was IMing me from Meebo on his Iphone. He was broadcasting too. So after I got done talking to him I started to think I was broadcasting, and he was broadcasting and every one of us using wireless internet is broadcasting so not only is the latest episode of Lost or your favorite radio station flying past your head now it’s everyone’s thoughts and ideas written down too. It really makes me wondering like whose words are flying past my head right now. On another note since my friend got an Iphone that makes four people I know who have Iphones with the Iphones and Iphone clones all around with full internet capabilities I predict that mobile internet will be dead in the next three years. Google spent a ton of money on mobile internet too, and I think it’s going to die. I use mobile on my PSP, but I’m almost certain the next PSP will have full internet capability. I don’t know. We’ll see. But that’s two speculations I’m putting on the table. 1. Mobile internet dead in three years. 2. Samoa Joe holds the belt until at least the end of the summer.


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