Back In Black

May 17, 2008

No, I’m not talking about AC/DC or one of the greatest albums ever. I’m talking about my laptop being 100% fixed up and ready to roll again. In other news I was playing Dawn Of Mana last night and I’m firmly convinced that any bad reviews of the game were because of the fact that the game is high octane action and adventure and there’s no RPG elements whatsoever. So, if you go and in wanting to play an RPG, thinking you’re going to get all emotionally involved like Mana 3 then sorry your out of luck. But if you go in knowing that this game is all about setting up awesome combos and serving fools up with a good story then it’s a great game. Once people realized it wasn’t an RPG they should have reviewed it for the game it was not pretended it’s a really bad RPG. If you look at it as an RPG it’s horrible, but if you look at it as an action game set in the Mana world then it’s totally boss! If you like Mana games but were on the fence about this one go get it and get ready for an action game that’s super fun and don’t listen to the reviews. I didn’t and I’m glad I didn’t. Wait is this a review? Listen to this review!


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