Still Steamed

May 14, 2008

I went to the mailbox this morning hoping my recovery discs would be there, but no such luck. I’m still steamed over the laptop deal. I’m also pretty mad about the fact that the printing on my Ramones shirt is rubbing off already. I only had it for two months and it’s already wearing off. You can’t hardly see Dee Dee anymore! I’ll get another Ramones shirt some time but not from the same place! In other news I was totally pleased to see Triple H berate Randy Orton from the top of the cage on Raw. Triple H as a face is really awesome. Monday’s Raw was pretty good all in all. Hot Rod was there again. I read on a wrasslin’ news site that Samoa Joe retained the belt at Sacrifice. TNA’s last Pay Per View. Kurt Angle got injured, but so what I knew Joe was going to retain and I speculate that he’ll hold the title until the last summer Pay Per View. We’ll see if my prediction comes true. I’ll find out that Joe retained tomorrow officially on TNA. Anyway, enough of this rambling. about wrasslers and things that can’t be helped right now it’s back to work on the Atomsplit Game stages. The other day me and D. Sazster had a short Pow Wow and we have a lot of sweet things in the works for Atomsplit so keep your eyes glued to the blog.


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