It’s Just A Thing

May 11, 2008

Man, I’m still steaming over my laptop not working. It’s not like it was vital because here I am typing this post. I’m still able to work on the Atomsplit game and stuff. It’s just a thing. A real bad thing! Well, the hardest lessons are the best learned. I put Devil May Cry on the shelf. I can’t decided if that Devil May Cry was the best or if the first was the best. I don’t know. DMC 4 was awesome all the way through. Last night I started playing Dawn Of Mana. This has some mixed reviews on Game Rankings. Normally I wouldn’t bother with a game that gets 57%, but It’s Mana and I’ve played and liked every Mana game that’s come out in the U.S. and some that haven’t. I played the first chapter and it was fun! I expected it to be an RPG like all the other Mana games. It’s not. It’s an action game like DMC or God Of War. I think maybe if you’re reviewing this with the mindset that this is supposed to be an RPG then you’re going to give it a bad review. If you accept that it’s an action game then it’s pretty good and it looks beautiful. I died on the second chapter, but I wasn’t really trying because I was getting sleepy. I still don’t know too much about it yet except that the first chapter was fun and that’s all. It might end up being junk, but I’m still undecided. I haven’t caught the fever yet, but we’ll see what happens.


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