List Of Things Not To Do

May 10, 2008

Here’s a list of things not to do with your time on A Saturday in case you’re interested. This list is chronologically out of order.

1. Run a registry cleaning program recommended to you by reliable sites.

2. Not be able to open your start menu in order to get to regedit so that you can import the old registry.

3. Freak out!

4. Recover your laptop with the discs you burned the first day you booted it up and lose all your information. Also, be dumb and not make multiple copies of said disks for extra non-fun!

5. Discover your disc has been scratched!

6. Freak out! Again.

7. Purchase a half baked optical media recovery program and not have it work.

8. Freak out! Hat trick!

9. Call Acer and get them to send you recovery discs. The guy at Acer was a champ! I wish I got his name.

10. Wait 5-7 business days for your newly purchased recovery discs to come from Acer. That Acer guy was awesome.

So there you have it. Follow all those steps if you want to have a really awful Saturday morning and afternoon. I’m trying to get this stupid optical recovery program to recover some other stuff from other scratched discs I have. That would be good. Then I wouldn’t have wasted my money on it. Otherwise I’m going to get my money back. Somehow.


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