A Retrospective

April 29, 2008

On February 22nd I began playing the Soul Blazer series and I finished it last night. As far as the series goes Soul Blazer was definitely the best game and Granstream Saga was the second best, but it kept progressively getting worse as the series moved along on the Super Nintendo. I like to do these kinds of retrospective game playing expeditions for the same reason I like to do movie marathons. If you play the games or watch the movies as they come out the overall idea of the stories gets lost. That’s not to say all the the games or movies or whatever connect into one long uberstory, but if you experience the media in sequence one after the other you can see these neat little details and story elements that show up over and over again. In one game or movie they will the main focus then in another they’ll barely be mentioned. Then after a while they’ll become nods to long time fans. It’s like a stew recipe getting passed down from one generation to the next always getting tweaked one way or another here and there. I’ve done several retrospective game expeditions over the years such as Silent Hill, Secret Of Mana, and the Tales series. I’ve become a fan of all of them, but it looks like Granstream Saga is the last of the Soul Blazer line. So, I’m closing the book on Soul Blazer and moving on Devil May Cry 4. That’s another series I’ve been a long time fan of and I’m sure it won’t disappoint.


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