Dark Night

April 28, 2008

The Dusk Til Dawn marathon yesterday was awesome! I love doing movie marathons. Me and my best friend do movie marathons a lot. Some of the recent movie marathons have been Cube, Pirates Of The Carribean, and Hellraiser, which was two days, eight movies, and all Hellraiser, and now Dusk Til Dawn. The first Dusk Til Dawn was definitely the best. That’s not a surprise because it’s got everything that has ever been awesome all rolled into one movie! I must have watched that move a million times now and I’ll probably watch it a million more! Dusk Til Dawn 2 was the silliest. If it was meant to be silly then mission accomplished. If it was meant to be serious then mission failed! It wasn’t the worst movie I ever saw though. Then Dusk Til Dawn 3 was really good because it took place in the late 1800’s and it had banditos and Ambrose Bierce! It was a lot like part 1 without the witty Tarantino dialogue. I think that’s what makes Dusk Til Dawn one of my all time favorite movies is the perfect mix of Rodriguez action and Tarantino dialogue. All in all the Dusk Til Dawn movie marathon was a good time. We’re thinking of what to do next. There’s a couple of options like Young Guns, Bourne, or Lord of the Rings (again), but if any of you Atomsplitters have any suggestions I’d like to hear them!


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