Throw Down On Infinte Earths

April 18, 2008

So it seems that Mortal Kombat & the DC Universe are going to get into a tussle pretty soon. I think they should have done this like eight years ago, to compete with Marvel Vs. Capcom. Well, maybe not since Marvel Vs. Capcom is one of the greatest fighting games ever made. They probably need nearly a decade to cool that heat off. I’ve been done with Mortal Kombat since Trilogy. Mythologies sucked. Special Forces sucked. I didn’t play the other one. Then after that I didn’t have enough koin in my krypt to buy a Mortal Kombat game every month.  DC doesn’t have a great track record for games either and they even made their own fighting game which I played for like two seconds so I’m not too psyched about a new Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe game. I think I’m going to save the koins in my krypt for this instead.


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