My Dog Chewed Up My Big Sexy Shirt!

April 15, 2008

That’s right I have a Big Sexy Kevin Nash shirt and my dog chewed it up. I like Kevin Nash, but I don’t like him enough to buy a Big Sexy Kevin Nash shirt. That shirt was a present given to me by my pal Calvin Johnson. The thing about Calvin is he was a guy I knew in college along with Josh Cisowski and Marcus Nelson and I can’t find any of those guys anywhere. I know they’re somewhere out there on the internet. Everybody is, but I can’t find them. I can’t find them on Google or Facebook or Myspace or anything. Someday I hope I get in touch with those guys again so if any of you guys are somehow reading this or someone who knows one of those names and they went to Savannah College Of Art & Design is reading this please let me know because I’m still looking for them.


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