I Flipped It!

April 8, 2008

I’ve played all the “Metroidvania” style Castlevania’s except for one and that was Symphony Of The Night. It was too rare to find for the Playstation, but I finally got it on Dracula X Chronicles. I really wanted to play the whole thing too so that required getting a bunch of stuff and doing extra things so that you can teleport to an upside down version of the castle, but I didn’t know it was going to be super hard! Sheesh! I’m getting my butt handed to me left and right so I guess I’ll have to do some grinding. I never would have found out how to get to the upside down castle without Gamefaqs even though I knew about it because that game’s a legend. However, my best friend said his roommate in college found it way before Gamefaqs was invented when he played it originally on the Playstation. Now that’s some serious Castlevania playing!


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