More Shout Outs!

April 4, 2008

Another podcast that played Atomsplit lately is the Snorkelhatt Podcast. This podcast is Norwegian. I have no idea what the words are on the site but it looks like Atomsplit was on the same podcast as Bad Religion. That’s pretty epic! Thanks Snorkelhatt for playing Americanized! Also, look one post down from this one. Go get Chainsaw Baby. It’s on Jamendo. I use Jamendo all the time and it’s guilt free! I’ll go to Jamendo and get some French Indie Rock or something and whatever songs I really like I’ll go to Amazon and get those songs if they have them. Jamendo is awesome and Chainsaw Baby on Jamendo is awesome too! Chainsaw Baby is just a taste of what’s to come once the cartoon and game are released!


One comment

  1. Thank you for letting uss use your song. Feel free to mail me more songs for further use. snorkelhatt@lommerusk.org


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