I’m Calling Shenanigans…

March 28, 2008

…on last nights TNA! It was supposed to be “live” with fan voting, but here’s the thing Booker T. really wanted a First Blood match with Robert Roode and he gets it cause the fans “voted” it in. Then ODB who has the most beef with Awesome Kong gets “voted” to be her opponent out of six other women. Come on! For real? Anyway, on a related note Kevin Nash looks sick when he wears all black and his hair and beard are silver. That’s awesome character design! Check out this action. Also, Sting returned to TNA last night. That was sweet! In non-TNA related news Textango finally got the Pennywise album up Also, since Atomsplit, the cartoon and game, are heavily music related I thought this would be interesting to share. The first sound recording in history predating Edison by 17 years. My pencils haven’t come from Ward’s 5 & 10, but don’t worry Atomsplitters I’m still plugging away on the game with this last pack of CVS pencils I bought. I hope the pencils from Ward’s 5& 10 come before I need some more though!


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