Up Town

March 27, 2008

I had to go up town today. Up town is Atlanta. I never drive to Atlanta so I take Atlanta public transportation called Marta. Anyway, after years of riding on Marta I learned to perfect my Marta face. It’s a scowl so hard no one ever bothers me like they used to. No one asks me for money, or tries to sell me DVD’s or makes random small talk. If you don’t have a Marta face and you ride Marta then you will be accosted like this lady was today. This guy just out of the blue stated asking her all kinds of questions like where do you work, what do you do, on and on and on. It turns out she was a Paralegal and he was a Real Estate agent and he kept asking her about Microsoft Access the whole rest of the time was about Access and the lady was all like I don’t know and maybe and I guess. The whole thing was so funny I almost lost my Marta face! The best part was when it was the lady’s stop the guy was right in the middle of a sentence about Access and she just took off. It shut him down, but not long because he got on to this new dude, but that dude wasn’t having it and then the talky guy got off at his stop. All the while this talky guy was going on with this poor lady there was a panel swinging open and closed and for like a five seat radius no one would sit around the panel swinging open and closed they just all stood in a group together and watched it open and close. Once it closed and snapped and this one guy was brave and went to take a seat then it swung open and he scrambled back to his place of standing! Then finally, it swung closed for good and everybody started sitting around it. I’m glad I got a good seat for such a great show. Sometimes you don’t get as good a ride as that, and sometimes you do, but at all times you should have a Marta face just in case.


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