March 19, 2008

People all over the world have different ways of doing the same things, like cooking, or celebrating, or making comics. In America comics are made into a monthly pamphlet format and are done by a team of people such as the writer, the penciler, the inker, the colorist, and the letterer. Every month these people do 24 pages of art for a 32 page pamphlet. Usually these comics are done six months in advance to their release. In Europe they make comics in hard back book form. They are done by one writer and one artist who either paints the comic with colored ink or paints or leaves it in black and white. This artist is also responsible for lettering and such as that. An artist in Europe usually does about 6 pages a month and the books are released once a year. In Japan comics are released weekly and are put into huge 300 page compilations. Every week a principal author, the creator of the comic series, works with a team of 15 or so people to make the 15 page chapter for the weekly compilation. I think it’s fascinating how people all over the world make comics in their unique ways. There’s other places that make comics like India, Korea, South America, and China. I wonder what their methods are and if they differ a lot or a little from the ways of the people I do know about. Someday I hope to find out.


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