When Disaster Strikes!

March 15, 2008

Sadly, I’m not talking about the Busta Rhymes album. Last night at 9:13 am the water line that connects to the washing machine broke and water flooded into the house. At the time I was out picking up the dog to bring him in for the night and when I got back the alarm was going off because the switch had shorted and water was all over the floor. I put the dog in the crate in the basement where I saw water was dripping down all around so the next thing I did was unhook my computers and and the monitors and the laptop and all the other stuff and move them away from the dripping. The monitors were a little wet and so was the laptop, but luckily they were all OK since I’m using them right now! Then I went back up stairs and turned off the alarm and mopped up all the water and then came back down here and cleaned all the water down here. I was cleaning until like 11 or so. Then I turned on my laptop and gave the old boy a good workout playing a game and typing and surfing and stuff to see if everything was working right and it was. Yay Acer! Then today I hooked up my computers and now I’m back in business. I’m really lucky nothing was damaged. I could have come out a whole lot worse because I live 20 minutes south of Atlanta which was hit hardcore by some serious tornado action last night.


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