The Quest For Pencils!

March 14, 2008

The scripts and notes for the Atomsplit Game are done. Now it’s time to go back to the old drawing board, literally! I love that joke. The problem is I have one good CVS pencil left. I use wooden pencils because mechanical pencils are junk. My favorite wooden pencils are RoseArt USA gold Real Wooden Pencils. They come in a red pack. The Walmart near my house used to sell them and it was awesome. They closed that store and opened a super Walmart and it’s the most useless store in the whole town and of course the don’t sell RoseArt USA Gold Real Wooden Pencils because who knows why. So I had to try and get them on the internet. The only place on the whole internet I could get them was from these guys. So I order a hundred! That should last me a while. I hated paying shipping but you can’t find these awesome pencils anywhere not even on Roseart’s own site. What jerks! I wish I could find a brand that was just as good as those pencils but I haven’t yet, so until I do I’ll keep ordering them from Ward’s 5&10.


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