Captain America’s Been Torn Apart…

February 23, 2008

Did you think I was going to write about comics again? Sorry. I was driving to the art center this morning and I decided to listen to a little Guns ‘N’ Roses since I hadn’t listen to them in a long time. Then I realized something Appetite For Destruction came out in 1987, so that album is 20 years old. Time flies. I remember when it came out i must have been in sixth grade or something and I had a Garfield pencil box full of change. I went to the record store at the local mall and got it from my friends sister who was working there at the time. I drew the skulls and cross and the monster with swords for teeth over and over and over. I eventually got all the Guns ‘N’ Roses in the end. There are a ton of great songs on Appetite and some on lies and there was the famous November Rain on the yellow Use Your Illusion, but i think one of the most overlooked tunes is on the blue Use Your Illusion and it’s called Locomotive. Locomotive is about 8 minutes long and and for the first seven minutes it’s an epic shredding face melter and then around the end it mellows out into a pretty cool dippity do groove with a piano and all. It’s a reverse Stairway To Heaven, and I’m convinced that they did that because if they kept the rock going any longer than they had people’s hearts would have exploded due to sheer awesomeness, and Guns ‘N’ Roses would have had some trouble on their hands. If you’ve never heard Locomotive give it a shot and hopefully you’ll see what I mean.


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